About Us



R L Corp India is a first generation entrepreneurial venture started in 2011 by Mr Pawan Choudhary. We have grown rapidly to be recognized as a leading player in the field of personal care, oral care, skin find bride review care, perfume, deodorants & home products in India. We have established a diversified range of products for local consumption and also growing rapidly in our export business.We are thriving with a goal to be the market leader through our creativity and vision.
We will soon be adding more cosmetics and household products to our range of products.


  • Choice: We have a wide range of choice throughout our company, meaning that you can be sure to find the most suitable products to meet your needs.
  • Value for money: The products are competitively priced and we provide the best value for money with all the products in every field.
  • Quality: We offer superior quality products to both retailers and suppliers in order to  provide high quality experience to the end customer.We also focus on sustainable and environment friendly products.
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  • Timely availability: We are perfectly chiefessays.net equipped for the creation of any number of new or revised product lines there by ensuring timely availability of all the products.
  • Round The Clock Support: Our professional and proactive personnel will be with you in every step with our excellent customer service and support.
  • Reliability: We perform superior testing to endorse the products that are reliable and meet the specifications we have established. Quality Control testing is performed throughout the batch cycle.